Sunday, 7 June 2015

Maison De Marrakech Kids Collection is Coming to London...

Here at Maison De Marrakech, our dream is to create not just a fashion business, but we are entirely committed to bring our passion of bohemian chic lifestyle to a the people that connect with us, and see our vision. That's from the interior design, furniture, clothing, to children's furniture, clothing, everything.
Being a mum, my love to create something more bohemian and natural, inspired by the Moroccan way and style of living has become a drive and finally, we will be launching a 'Maison de Marrakech Kid's Collection'.
Stay tuned, for the end of June, we are opening up our new range of kids collection. Hope you love our designs and the inspiration brought from our second home, Marrakech.
Love from Marrakech


Sunday, 24 May 2015

Maison De Marrakech New Boho Chic Wedding Services...

Our samples for a Marrakech Style Boho Chic Wedding!
We are now offering our clients Moroccan style bohochic wedding services and wedding plans. We plan from the ambience, the furniture, locations in Marrakech, everything possible to make your wedding super chic and unforgettable. For more info, please contact us via FB or visit us at www.maisondemarrakech. Get married with chic style. Let us know if you like our service!
Love always from Marrakech.


Monday, 11 May 2015

Summer Lamp Season, Lighten up with a Boho Lamp...

We will be offering new room lamps, garden lamps shortly. We know how romantic and great ambience a Moroccan lamp could give your room, or your garden, and will be offering this summer via our website for limited time.
Hope you visit us soon, and find some inspiration to your room, or for your fashion. Fill your room full of romantic lamps and prepare yourselves for this summer! Boho Inspiration.
Live Bohemian, Love Marrakech


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Summer is coming, get ready with a white boho shirt...

Summer's white boho tunic shirts..
White is always an inspiration for summer dresses and shirts. We always love adding a bohemian accent to the simple beautiful white shirt with ethnic jewelleries. Brighten up your wardrobe and prepare for the summer coming! You need definitely a white all-rounder shirt & tunic. Feel serene and get ready to glow with our fashion. Shop white, shop with us.
Now until mother's day, type in promo MUM15 to receive a 10% discount at our webshop.
Love summer, love bohemia ,Love Marrakech.


Thursday, 23 April 2015

Maison De Marraekch is back with Yoga tops & pants...

 Maison De Marrakech is back with yoga tops & pants!
Happy Spring everyone! Time flies and we have just come back from our Easter retreat in Marrakech. Back to normal life here in London, but we always take the spirit of bohoism from Marrakech in our hearts. I've recently started yoga and am fascinated by the life philosophy of this. Yoga should be the solution to many problems in the modern world, and at Maison de Marrakech, we are planning to add our handmade tops & pants yoga wear to support this. And to bring that added glam to our day workout. Joing us for yoga, and also check out our yoga wear, coming out next week...
Love bohemian, Maison de Marrakech

 Love from MARREKECH,

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Pastel Boho's are coming to our shop

Pastel Boho's are coming to Maison De Marrakech!
Who could think spring withtout the pastel colours. After the dark long winter, the only relief is to imagine all the warm, and gentle pastel colours, that fuzzes up your spirit. We love pastel, and pastel in springtime brings so much meaning. We will be adding more pastel interiors to our products just to bring you more inspiriation, and to give you that fuzzy feeling of warmth and love x
Get more ideas and live bohemian.


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