Monday, 1 February 2016

It's February, the month of love &Marrakech Wedding!

It's February, Romance is in the air..
It's that time of year again, where couples will be spreading rose petals on their bedroom, living rooms, with beautiful scent candles, creating a romantic unforgettable atmosphere. And why not? Life is too short, enjoy all celebrations, especially when it involves love & passion. We have been creating the 'Moroccan Romantic Wedding Themes' for a while now, and wanted to share our passion with you. If you're looking for a romantic Moroccan wedding, or Moroccan beach wedding, look no further, we are here to help create this exact ambience for you.
Even if you're not getting married, it's the month of Love, let's create that loving ambience together...
shop with us for more inspiration,
Love from Marrakech,

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Thursday, 14 January 2016

A Boho Day with Maison De Marrakech

A quick summery of a boho Maison de Marrakech day & inspiration. How you surround yourself, and the ambience you create shapes the person who you are. Its as important as food and air, it's a necessity to create an ambience that inspires you everyday, otherwise, what is it all about?
Come and join our boho lifestyle shop & blogs, we're here to assist you with the inspiration & ambience.
Be bohemian, always...
Live with passion..

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Inspiring Beach Moro Wedding ideas for 2016...

We are launching into the beachwedding events, as Maison de Marrakech stongly believes in the bohemian Moroccan lifestyle. It brings not only elegance and richness, but is also simple and not pretentious, it is real. We want to provide real rich lifestyle, and an inspiration to life to all customers who connect to our spirit. Come and join our jouney. We will be opening up a 'moroccan wedding theme section' at our website soon.
Stay tuned for more of our expansion! Let the boho-free spirit grow in you more in 2016.
Shop with us, join our journey together,
Happy holidays & a Happy new year!


Thursday, 10 December 2015

Boho Jewellery Inspirations 2015...

Boho jewellery inspirations...
Even in winter, it's good to keep the boho spirit going. You don't need anything special, just a t-shirt, a sweater, and a big chunky boho accesory to go with it. It's like magic, just one fab gorgeous jewellry and you can turn your wardrobe into something exotic and unforgettable, each day. Bring some boho-ism into your life everyday, it's what makes you free and unique. Keep up with the boho style this winter...
for more inspirations, go to our website, we always add new kaftans, interior boho decor.
shop with us this winter,
Love from Marrakech ..


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Gift ideas from Maison de Marrakech

Gift ideas from Maison de Marrakech
Xmas season is coming, get your presents all wrapped and ready to celebrate! Xmas is just around the corner, and although it's not until another 4 weeks time, it's the best to hunt for your Xmas presents early, and relax. Let us help you with your search. Visit our bohemian Marrakech lifestyle online shop, we are here to help you!
Love Marrakech, love shopping, love winter season...


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