Saturday, 21 February 2015

Outdoor Boho Beauty...

Early Spring Boho Beauty..
Just can't wait for the warm sunshine and long days, outdoor living and walks. I can smell it in the air, that spring is approaching, just around the corner.
I love the outdoor boho look, as it's casual, and could be worn easily without any hassle, yet something inspirational. Just like my everyday life, I like non-hassle clothings, and lifestyle. Let's make the best of spring, and dress boho. Essentials are, boots, simple sweaters, shirts, big jewels, kaftans, gorgeous sandals, and a great smile!
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Love Marrakech,


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Valentine's day boho romance...let's do it!

Valentine's day is approaching and the world is being filled with love, passion, romance and something exciting!
Romance is an essential sensual element for all of us, but everyday life tends to make us forget. Let's get back to basics, and feel the sensuality in you, the longing of the exotic. Make a exotic, bohemian dinner for 2, it doesn't cost you much. We love boho, because it's not the cost, price, or the money that counts, it's the heart, the emotions, the sensual, that counts. Let's be bohemian 14 Feb.
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Love Marrakech,
Maison de Marrakech


Thursday, 29 January 2015

Moroccan Boho & Modern Twist, so cozy...

Boho interior design inspirations for the new year. We know that 2015 January is about to finish, and how quick that already was. Here in London, it's been so cold and freezing, the only pleasure is to think of a beautiful, inspiring, uplif...ting interior room to live in. Our dream is to create a bohemian life style, living space , including not just our clothing, but our rugs, tea cups, bowls, frames, lamps, candles...everything Moroccan modern and bohemian . It's vibrant, yet tranquil, simple yet gorgeous, plain yet stylish. It give pleasures to our senses at every level.
Hope we've tickled your senses to create a bohemian home.
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 Love from Marrakech & London,



Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Bring a little sparkle into your festive season...

Bring a little sparkle into your life..
Happy holidays from us all at Maison De Marrakech. It's the festive season again with parties to go and glams to put on. Decorate yourselves, your homes, your lifestyles with sparkling gold, silver, sequins and glitter. We always aspire to give you inspiration, no matter what the season is...
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Monday, 1 December 2014

Winter Cosy Corners...

Where's your cosy spot?
Winter is with us now, and you definitely need a cosy corner to keep you warm and occupied with inspiration. We love to cover our sofas with white blankets, furs, place a pouf and call it 'my corner'. Where's your corner? We are offering discounts extra 10% off of all poufs now. Don't miss this opportunity, great for gifts too...
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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Winter Long Skirts...

Great Kaftan like winter long skirts!
Who said that long skirts are out of fashion? We at Maison de Marrakech think that long skirts are elegant, trendy way to keep your legs warm and still look fab.
Hope you get some inspiration this winter and try something special and new in your wardrobe!
We are participating in the Etsy Pop up shop in Covent Garden 5-7 Dec. If you're in the neigborhood, hope you pass by.
Enjoy your winter with us x

Love from Marrakech,
Reina x


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