Saturday, 13 September 2014

Autumn is here, get ready for our fall collection...

Autumn is here! Maison de Marrakech boho fall collection is almost out...
The beach days are over (although you can still go on holidays, and many parts of the southern hemisphere is approaching summer ), here in London, we are heading for the cold seasons again.

I love summer, but also love fall & winter with passion as well. The romantic candle lights, cosy duvets, coats and the fire places, all wouldn't be attractive without the cold chilly weather outside.

We've got new fall jackets and coats added to our collection, and hope you visit our website soon x The collection is scheduled to be launched 26 Sept. Happy shopping.
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Monday, 25 August 2014

The Moroccan Spirit...


Autumn is coming, and I can definitely feel it in the air...the breeze, the cold air, the sunshine feeling further away, its that time of year. I always feel abit nostalgic and sad of the hot, passionate time ending, and entering a more ...chilled out and quiet time. We are off to our holiday (we saved the best for last!) tomorrow, but wanted to share this chilled out, sanctuary of a Moroccan modern house. Who said the Moroccan interiors and culture don't mingle well with the modern designs. Look how harmonious and beauty the outcome is. Love Morocco with passion, and its diversity is amazing!
We are adding our Autumn collection soon, and 10% pouf is still on sale .
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Saturday, 16 August 2014

The wonders of Boho colours.

I can feel the summer passing by, with its strength easing away, giving way now slowly to the cold breeze of autumn...must it go away so soon? At least we've got the great colourful memories of summer each year. So vivid and colourful, it stays for you timeless.

Hope you're enjoying your summer, and create an ambience of colour. Be colourful, and bright! Hope these boho colours give you inspirations x
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Friday, 8 August 2014

A Summerish Riad...

Summer is sizzling and we are all looking for shades and some cool places to chill out from the sun, the beach, the brightness.

We've selected this time in our stay to Marrakech to visit the Riad Idouine, where everything is precisely simpl...e and monotone in colour. Lots of black and white, or a tint of pink...just simple and cool to the eye. A tranquillity from the bust and noise of the street of Medina just outside.
Get some inspiration for simplicity, and decorate your homes in a simple and cool way this summer.
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Monday, 14 July 2014

Souk and the Boho Fashion...

Boho fashion goes really well with the chaotic souk atmosphere.
The small streets, full with tunnels, curves which seems to lead to no-where, and anywhere. Imagine yourself in the souk of Marrakech, you certainly will never know what boredom is.
It just doesn't exist. The buzz, the sound, the smell, the flavour and texture, it brings all senses alive 24/7. Not everyone can live in the Souk of Marrakech, but we can still dress bohemian and keep our senses way high up !
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Love Marrakech,

 Lovely dress piece from Roberto C.
 Wonderful dress from Emilio Pucci, so exotic!


Thursday, 3 July 2014

Great Boho Bag Ideas...

I love searching in the souks, as it's almost always like a treasure hunt.
You can't help but find something exotic, fascinating and full with beautiful potential.
Unlike going to a deparment store, a souk is more mysterious and offers full of excitement and surprises. It suits my lifestyle definitely better.

I've just come across some new items to add to our shop in the fall, which are boho bags, clutches and more accessories, not to mention carpets. Can't wait to find some beautiful ideas and bring them alive in our workshop in Marrakech.
Stay tuned! In the meantime, get some ideas for summer boho bags!
Luv Marrakech x




Thursday, 5 June 2014

Get ready for Summer Caftans...

It's June and is half way in 2014 already. The sun is starting to sizzle in many warm places including Marrakech. You can't beat boho wear, caftans in the hot summer seasons, and holidays. It's relaxed, romantic, exotic, feminine and is really practically cool.
Hope you get some inspirations from these Indah-like photos.This is where we are ultimately aiming for. Hopefully we'll get there one day!
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